Upcoming Titles

There are a number of titles that are due for release in the near future, God willing. this page represents the cover’s that have been created for those titles that are near completion, or simply have covers that have been changed, such as previous titles that are currently under-going revision.

So please, enjoy the sneak peeks, and check back for more information as time goes by.

Sophie’s Choice New Cover.
Preacher Book 1 – Currently under revision
Preacher Book 2: Dexter
Preacher Book 3: Danny

Preacher was released as a standalone, however, it was never meant to be that. I’d always wanted to tell Dexter’s story, as well as Danny’s. So as the ebook version of this title has been removed for the time being, I’m taking the time to do what should have been done when this title was first released… tell the whole story.

So keep your eyes peeled for Dexter and Danny’s stories, as well as a revised version of Preacher’s, with added content.

All three are preliminary covers and not the final. These are mock-ups and are subject to change.

This summer will also see the release of YA/Fantasy title The Map Room. An excerpt and synopsis are here and the cover mock up is below. I’ve waited almost two years to bring this title out of the shadows. I hope it’s enjoyed.