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Here are some of the stories I’m currently working on. There are a lot of them, but if they’re here, its because there’s a significant amount of work that has gone into them. Some may end up on the Free books page, where you’ll be able to read them for free. If something grabs your eye, I may even be tempted to give it away…

julius & abi
Julius Lockwood And The Guardian Scrolls. (The Necro-Detective – Genre: Epic Fantasy. Excerpt Here!!)
Someone is killing wizards. That someone is a necromancer,  and no one knows who it could be. The Federation of Magic Users, think its a rogue, but have no firm leads, as everyone who’s come into contact with the rogue is dead. When Julius reanimates the dead, they have no memory of the person who killed them nor why. The only thing that remains if the method of their death, which doesn’t help them much.
When Julius discovers an unregistered dead warlock, many things fall into place. The warlock sends Julius off with a plea to rescue his sister, and Julius comes across his first breakthrough. Along with a twist of fate which throws Julius into the arms of the woman he’s been trying to avoid all his life.
Abigail is a Librarian, a rare magical ability that enables her to remember anything she has ever read, both a blessing and a curse. She also has an affinity with inanimate objects, and is the unwitting soul mate to Julius Lockwood, although both would rather the other jumped off the planet. Her brother is killed for an amulet that she doesn’t even realise the clues to acquire, are in her possession. When the magic society come calling, in the form of tall and handsome necromancer Julius and his police sidekick, detective Flynn, it sets in motion an epic adventure which will test the fortitude and abilities of all concerned.
Together they must solve the riddles and rescue the Scroll Guardians, as well as defeat the rogue and save the world. No mean feat, especially when they can barely stand the sight of each other.

Hearts of Ice and Snow: (Genre: Afro-futuristic. Excerpt Here!)
N’kiru Ancestor is sacrificed to the Oya who has tricked the people in the hopes of freeing herself. N’kiru realises that the Orisha, an ancient African deity, wishes to escape the cage that has been her prison for over a thousand years. In revenge, the Orisha covers the village with a glacier, trapping the people within in a prison of ice and death. Another thousand years has passed, and the glacier melts leaving a pathway into the frozen, desiccated village where a group of climbers discover what has lain hidden there. Brenda, a specialist archaeological biologist and her daughter N’kiru, are invited to investigate the village. While in the camp, N’kiru is possessed by her ancestor, the first N’kiru who sought to save the people. She seeks her re-incarnation’s help to secure the prison that traps the Orisha, in the hopes they can send it back to where it belongs. But the Orisha will not submit easily, and retaliates, freezing unwary archaeologists who wander off alone. Glen, a troubled physic, joins in the quest to free N’kiru junior from the possession that holds her, and along with Kemi Spirit Walker, a man who grew up in the shadow of the glacier and hearing the story of the Village, they seek to calm the Orisha and free both girls from her malice. The tasks is not simple. They must rescue N’kiru Junior, put N’kiru ancestor to rest and trap the Orisha, all while trying to save the lives of those they hold dear, as well as themselves.

The Antlered Crown. (Genre: Afro-Futuristic/Fantasy/historical. Excerpt here!!)
This started out as a Red Riding Hood re-telling, and although many of the elements are the same, the story changed through research.

Cael is a shifter, the leader of his wolf pack. Through his own arrogance, he is bound by Violet and her grandmother. They seek to steal the Antlered Crown to help them regain the city they lost to powers greater than they wield, and can only do so with Cael unwilling help. Cael seeks every means possible to free himself but nothing seems to work. Until he meets Jannis, a woodsman, who is not a man at all, and is so much more than that, more than even she herself realises. With the help of Jannis, and the bond that grows between them, a bond deepened through marriage, they are able to defeat the binding placed on Cael by Violet and her grandmother. But it comes with a high cost. Through desperation, the grandmother attempts to use the crown and sets the forest elements loose, destroying herself and risking the lives Cael and Jannis are bound to care for. This is a story of adventure, quest and more.
A three part series with The Antlered Crown being the first in the series.

Book two in the series will tell the story of The Tri-Fold Ring. Jannis and Cael must seek out the Northmen in the hopes of returning the disturbed forest elements back to normal. They hope that with the aid of a ring from legend; a ring of three attached pieces, their quest will be successful.But this is a ring that few of the Northmen have ever heard about, let alone heard of in their lifetime, and they must seek further north, a tribe of men whose existence is more legendary than the ring itself.

(The first story in the series is complete.)

Karma: (Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Contemporary)
When karma has a personality, what would she be like? What if Karma fell in love? How will she cope with her feelings and the need to enforce retribution on others for their lack of compassion and care?This is a story about “What goes around, comes around” and but more than that, it’s about who’s going to get hurt in the end.
Karma’s female persona is a tricky one to hold down, as is her male counterpart. They have no idea that the other exists, never having met in the thousands of years of their existence. One plays the roles set out for them, without questioning their beginnings or end and were once happy to exist that way.
Now female karma is tired of all the reincarnations and simply wants to live one final life and settle down with the man she’s met. Karma male has a job to do, but meets Karma female and is intrigued by her look and character. He wonders to himself, how he can rid her of her boyfriend, who is clearly not good enough for her, and install himself in her life. But, when will he realise that the job he’s sent to do, is meet her!!!

The Flora and Fauna Saga: (Genre: Romance/IR/MC).

Butterflies Wings: Part 1. An inter-racial/Intercultural series. Part 1 tells the story of Hyun-Jun and Deslyn.
Short Synop: Deslyn is lucky enough to be invited to South Korea to follow up on her research into a very rare Butterfly. While she’s there, she meets Hyun-Jun, a widowed Scientist whom she works with. He does all he can to stay away from her, fearing that she will return to London when her appointment is over. He is brittle, harsh and caustic, whereas Desi is soft and kind. He can’t help but be attracted to her, but his mother intervenes and Desi is scared to love someone who has loved and lost before.

Part 2: The Art of Zen Bee Keeping
Part 2 tells the story of Jin and August. Jin is a reclusive scientist who keeps himself to himself in his island retreat in Japan. August, an eco-warrior, comes bursting into his life one day, while she’s trying to evade the police. They strike up a friendship and friendship turns to love. August is brash, excitable and changes everything in Jin’s quiet life. She leaves suddenly, and Jin is at a loss what to do about the emptiness she has left behind. August also misses the quiet lifestyle that she found with Jin and has come to appreciate. How will they reconcile their differing lifestyles. Can they?

Sisters:  (Genre: IR/Contemporary/Romance) 
Tells the story of three sisters, their loves, lives, and losses. The story captures the lives of all three, who have no one but each other and an ailing aunt, who has become their sole caregiver, despite needing more attention than the girls themselves. Diane is the sister who takes no prisoners. She’s direct, uncompromising and doesn’t believe in love at first sight. But when Stephen rescues her from a situation that no woman wants to be in, she has to admit that what he’s offering, is better than what she’s had. Simone, is the softest, most forgiving of the sisters, and also the one who has lost in love and relationships time and time again. When she meets Nick at her sister Diane’s wedding, she knows he will ruin her, but she’s attracted to the one thing that will break her heart, just as Nick is attracted to the woman who will make him a man. Cali is the artist, the unknown entity  and the youngest of the sisters. She’s been in love with one man forever, and James has always been in love with her too, he just didn’t know it or want to admit it. Not until he’d actually won her and almost lost her. The sister’s and their partners are drawn closer together when Simone becomes ill and each has to dig deep to find the strength to help their sister and go on. This is a story of family and how much they will do for you, how far they will go for you and what they will give up just for you.
(This manuscript is finished and under revision. I hope to publish this deep, almost auto-biographical story soon.)

Because I Let you Go. (Genre: Romance/Contemporary).

What would you give up for love? Would you give up the one you love, so that he could be free to love who he wants? Deny your heart so that you didn’t hold him back? Refuse to be the reason that you and your child were merely tolerated, rather than loved and cherished? What if you’d made a mistake by letting go?
The story of love released, rather than lost, and a man who can’t understand why he was never consulted in a decision that had caused him to suffer even though he didn’t know he suffered, until he found the one who he’d been missing for far too long. He also pines for the time that he will never get and a son he never knew he had, until now!

Lost (Genre: Mystery/Fantasy):

Every 40 years a child is taken. upon later investigation, its found that the child is from the same family, and is always a female child with an older brother. The child is changed, her identity and life made new through a ritual that has been going on for thousands of years. An intern is the lost sister of a Junior doctor, who can’t understand why the intern looks so familiar, or why he feel as though he has to protect her, even though he knows he has never met her in his life. What he doesn’t know, is that he is the catalyst, the centre and the means for the next change to take place. When he realises what is required of him, will he be able to sacrifice one of the two loves in his life, or risk losing them both?

Below are other titles that are being worked on. Some can be found at Inspired Minds, or right here when available.

How Deep Is Your Love – Romance/Contemporary (Free title will be available soon)
The Map Room Series – Ya/Fantasy (Part 1 completed. Excerpt on Inspired Minds Here!!)
Fly Home To Me – Historical Romance
The Barber Shop Boys – Contemporary Romance
Patti And The Monk Boy – YA/ Contemporary (Excerpt Here!!!)
The Muses Saga’s : The Maid – Contemporary Romance

Please, check back as I update the list and let you know when and where you can find previews.
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