Projects Galore!

The Writing Cave!! – Courtesy of Unsplash

On this page you will find information and excerpts for a few of the projects I’m working on.

They are by no means finished, complete or ready for publication, but when they are the page will be updated to reflect this. this is a chance for those interested to see and get an idea of what’s in the pipeline.

I’ll give the synopsis, and show you the main Muses, as well as a small expert of the Work-In-Progress.

Hearts Of Ice And Snow

A twelve-year-old girl is being readied for sacrifice for the good of her people. N’Kiru wants to be like the rest of her friends; play, look after her pet goat, grow up and get married like her sister. She’s been offered as a gift to save her people, a task that everyone says is better than anything, and she will be remembered for generations to come. But her mother weeps at night, her sisters whisper behind her back, and her father gazes at her with longing, his eyes whip away as though he is ashamed.

Full synopsis and excerpt HERE!!

Julius Lockwood and the Guardian Scrolls


Julius Lockwood is a Necromancer working with the Police raising the dead in cases that are just too grim and disturbing to be solved in any other way. When all else fails, the special unit team are called in, usually for cases that are either cold, seriously so, or that the cadaver has been tampered with in a magical or mysterious way, causing the police to have second thoughts about the possibility of solving the case.

Full synopsis and excerpt HERE!!

The Map Room


Fourteen year old Samra wants to investigate the phenomenon that is on every map she has ever seen, yet no one seems to know a thing about. There are Dragons in the North.

Samra was born in a desert kingdom and knows nothing of forests and mountains. The highest landmark she’s seen are the Date Palms that stretch their branches to the sky and the shifting dunes that move with the wind.

Full synopsis and excerpt HERE!!

There will be other books.

The Antlered Crown


Cael is held bound by the granddaughter, Violet. She and her grandmother seek the ancient artifact, the Antlered crown to aid in regaining their kingdom in the far south.

The crown is reported to give the wearer great insight and power to rule over all the forest, to be in charge of the very essences of the forest, for a period of six months, from the autumn equinox until the spring. This gives the grandmother and Violet enough time in which to achieve their aims.

Full Synopsis and excerpt HERE!!

Note: when viewing the pages, please be respectful and do not copy. Enjoy the stories and allow others to do the same. They will all be published in their finished form, (GW), but as yet, they are unedited works-in-progress. The synopsis may also not match the finished stories!!