Princess Aminah – Front cover

Finally, some news!

I recently had an update from my publisher concerning the above title. This book was accepted for publication last year, and since then, has been edited, revised, re-edited, a cover has been made and now, I finally have a date for Publication.

Due out on the 31st January, 2017, Princess Aminah is an historical fiction story, that has all the elements I love about history.


Princess Aminah embarks on a six month journey from her sheltered life as the daughter of an eastern Caliph to Cordoba in Spain where she has been betrothed to Prince Hisham. Leaving behind her beloved step-sister Myriam, her controlling and hated step-mother, the Amirah and everything that she has ever known. She faces the unknown with a mixture of nervousness and uncertainty but above all, the lure of freedom from the confines which The Amirah has imposed on her for most of her short life. During an eventful journey when all of her horizons are expanded, she finds herself opening up to the knowledge provided by her handsome personal bodyguard with whom she falls in love. Fearing that she is betraying her betrothed prince who she has never met, she shuns her guard for the remainder of the journey and retreats back into her own world. When she finally arrives in Cordoba, Aminah is totally unprepared for her meeting with Prince Hisham and the manner in which she feels he has betrayed her. Although secretly in love with her prince, can she ever forgive his betrayal and lead a happy life and what will the consequences of a serious riding accident be for their future?

Further news concerning this release will be forthcoming in the next few months prior to release. I hope you are waiting for this release as much as I am. It’s definitely one of my favourite books, so far!