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Inspiration for Villan in The Map Room. *Image Borrowed*

Welcome To The Home Of My Fantasy Writing.

We become inspired by our imaginations, the wild and the wonderful, the barely believable and the almost impossible. The ability to create the imagined in our minds has always been the door through which we travel into unseen dimensions and across galaxies, meeting strange new peoples and their resident creatures.

We’ve also given ourselves the ability to create those worlds through trial and error: what will work and what falls flat. The buck-toothed ogre that terrorises the countryside, and the horn-headed loner who defeats him, freeing the villagers to go about their work once again.

Are they monsters, creatures and people we imagine into being from nothing, fearful or just a play on the wonder that encompasses us all? Some can be horrific, such as the Centaur eating giant, whose sightless eyes in a horse-like head, decimates the centaur community. Or the Orisha who commands the cold, frozen winds of the North, as she encases the central heart of Africa in an icy grip that lasts for a thousand years.

These are just some of the worlds I have created, some of the people who have sprung into being from my imagination. Their stories are yet to be revealed, but they have begun to clamour at the door in an effort to be free and darken your doorsteps with their twisted sense of justice and humour.

Keep going for Worlds of Wonder and delight, for sweet innocence and devious death, for the run through the forests of your imagination to meet up with the werewolf trapped by the princess and her grandmother he thought were harmless.