Beautiful strangers

Beautiful Strangers  
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to trust? To be able to really trust that someone will be honest with you and not tear you down just to raise themselves higher.
Pearl, a disillusioned University graduate had tried everything to find a job in the field she trained for four years for, but she found nothing.
Dean. A cold, calculated, hard-core, Business man. He has taken over his family business and leaves no stone unturned to make sure that it’s the best, and will remain the best.
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       sophies choice

Sophie’s Choice  
Who says love can’t last forever.
Sophie Morrison is a girl with a big heart and even bigger ambitions. She never lets anyone get away with making her feel she has something to prove. With her quick tongue and hard attitude, she’s hard on herself and everyone around her, especially Cameron.
Cameron is in love, but the object of his desire doesn’t know it. He tries to play it cool and butter her up with a little of his Taylor charm. He thinks he’s got her where he wants her, but Sophie isn’t so easy to handle and he knows it.
It’s taken more years than Cameron wants to think about to get Sophie where he wants her. He’s going to need all his determination to get the results he wants and nothing less than Sophie will do.
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17th December 2015.
Princess Aminah                        
Cover Reveal!!!!
I’m finally able to show you the cover that was design by the creative genius at my publisher for this book.
The Princess has led a sheltered life, a very sheltered life. She has grown up in the palace of the Caliph of Baghdad, and has been subjected to the attentions of the Caliphs first wife, who has never appreciated Aminah’s existence
Will Aminah find love in this foreign court, or is she merely exchanging one intimidating existence for another.
**Release date: 31st January, 2017.**
7 Degrees of Alpha – Anthology
An anthology of 7 novellas and short novels. Some are prequels to a story to be released later, and remaining stories are full stories, without Cliffhangers.
We All Fall Down: Detective Peter Jones will protect what’s his, and he definitely views Val as his, even if she isn’t sure about it. From the moment he saw her, he knew he had to have her. And he will allow very little to stand in his way.
Val is not so sure, after all, just coming out of an abusive relationship, trying to deal with a man who never takes no for an answer, and all the recent changes going on in her life, she wants to take things so much slower.
But there’s a gang of killers on the loose, a dangerous group who care nothing for the people who get in their way. When Val is threatened, kidnapped by what turns out to be members of the group, Jones will do everything he can to get back what belongs to him.
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Synopsis – Preacher: The Haskins Brothers
Paul ‘Preacher’ Haskins, was anything but the mild mannered choir boy his name implied. Always the protector, the nurturer. The big brother looking out for his sibling; his brother from another mother, who fell into his hands. He’s a bad boy with no regrets. Paul didn’t need redemption; he needed ammunition, some cash and as little hassle as possible. Never thinking to mend his ways, until a chance meeting had him questioning his lifestyle choices and affiliations. But when an unscrupulous upstart crawls out of the woodwork, he’s forced to choose between the two people he loves the most, simply because he can’t protect them both. He knows where she is; the world isn’t big enough to hide the one he loved and left behind. He’ll find her, and hope she doesn’t break his face when he does.
Penelope ‘Penny” Calvanera never realised there was more in life that her goals, until she fell over a wolf-in-sheeps-clothing. Hooked on the heady mixture of Paul Haskins, she’s oblivious to his darker side. When she’s abandoned at the worst possible time, she moves on with her life, until what she’d learnt to live without comes crashing back, turning her world upside down, again! But he’s not come alone, he’s brought his business with him and all hell is guaranteed to break loose. He hasn’t committed a crime – yet. But his past won’t be satisfied until it has him where it wants him. They need to get their act together; trouble awaits that will affect them and the one’s they love.
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Upcoming Release
My Cyborg

Release Date: 9th April 2018 (TBC)

Synopsis – My Cyborg
A lonely woman discovers her rock solid foundations may crumble under the weight of deceit and betrayal. That the people she trusted the most, were actually those she should have been wary of.
Jenna Asari, a research technician for an exclusive government institution, is tasked with investigating rumours of illegal technology development. Those whispers debated in near-empty changing rooms, she finds are frighteningly true. And worse yet, she encounters a discarded specimen in an abandoned research facility. A place that to all appearances should be nothing more than a derelict building.
Tucked away many levels beneath the ground, a secret is revealed that will shake her sense of self. There she’ll make a discovery into a painful past she’d thought had been laid to rest.
Jenna must come to terms with loving the unlovable, and learn to let the past stay where it should.
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