I was born in London, U.K. in the mid-1960’s to parents who had emigrated from Portland in Jamaica. The late 1960’s and 1970’s were a time of so much change; with racism and segregation being an everyday event for black people. I grew up understanding that determination was the key to finding your dreams, and achieving them. To never let someone say, “You can’t!” without giving my all.

This determination to prove expectations of me wrong about where I was heading, led me to obtain a degree in The History of Art & Archaeology, from SOAS, University of London, at the age of thirty-four, while having two young children to care for, and being a single parent.

I do a multitude of things, including teach, write and read profusely. I never sit still, unless I’m writing or reading, and even then, my mind is on any number of other ways to fill my ‘free’ hours.

My first love is art, especially Oil Painting and Calligraphy. I am, however, loathe to give anything away, so my home looks like a mini art gallery. But the upshot of that, is that I get to keep everything, and look back at how I can improve and make them better.

I’ve lived in a number of cities. Cairo, before it became the centre for the Arab Spring; Algeria, my home away from home. London, my home town and the place I always return to for a reminder that the world is a large place. And, all this while teaching and encouraging others to never give up their dreams.

I write mostly Contemporary Fiction, which can be anything from Romance to Historical. I am definitely not a one genre author, and I never hope to be. Just as varied as my interests are, so is my writing. I’m a historian by nature, and my degree in history allowed me to explore ancient civilisations and societies, all while exploring the things that inspire me. Saying this, I usually lean, slightly, towards anything that has an historical interest in it. I have also been a huge fantasy fan for many years, and this is, undoubtably, one of my passions.  I have a desire to write from the heart, to give a little piece of myself each and every time. I see it as “Changing my world, one story at a time!”

I don’t write Erotic fiction, although I love the interaction that happens between two people and take pleasure in describing it, hopefully, so that some of the feelings will pass down. However, there are many feelings and emotions that also encourage me to be descriptive while writing out my stories.

I’m currently working on several novels;

Butterflies Wings – (Genre: Romance/IR/MC).

The Flora and Fauna Sagas. An inter-racial/Intercultural series. Part 1: is about the meeting and lives of Hyun-Jun and Deslyn.  Short Synop: Deslyn is lucky enough to be invited to South Korea to follow up on her research into a very rare Butterfly. While she’s there, she meets Hyun-Jun, a widowed Scientist who she works with. He does all he can to stay away from her, fearing that she will return to London when her appointment is over. He is brittle, harsh and caustic, whereas Desi is soft and kind. he cannot help but be attracted to her, but his mother intervenes and Desi is scared to love someone who has loved and lost before.

Part 2: The Art of Zen Bee Keeping

Flora and Fauna saga part 2: Is about the dynamics between Jin and August. Jin is a lonely scientist who keeps himself to himself in his island retreat in Japan. August, an eco-warrior, comes bursting into his life one day, whiles is trying to evade the police. they strike up a friendship and friendship turns to love. August is brash, excitable and changes everything about the quiet lifestyle of Jin. She leaves suddenly, and Jin is at a loss what to do. august also, misses the quiet lifestyle that she found with Jin. How will they reconcile their differing lifestyles. Can they?

Sisters:  (Genre: IR/Contemporary/Romance) 

A story all about the dynamics of three sisters, their loves, lives, and losses. The story captures the lives of three sisters, who have no one but each other. It explores the lives and the loves of each. Diane, is the sister who takes no prisoners, she’s direct, uncompromising and doesn’t believe in love at first sight. But when Stephen rescues her from a situation that no woman wants to be in, she has to admit that what he’s offering, is better than what she’s had. Simone, is the softest,most forgiving. and also the sister who has lost in love and relationships. When she meets Nick at her sister Diane’s wedding, she knows he will ruin her, but she’s attracted. just as Nick is. Cali, the artist, the unknown, and the youngest of the sisters. She has always been in love with one man, and James has always been involve with her too, he just didn’t know it. not until he’d actually won her and nearly lost her. the sister’s and their partners are drawn together when Simone becomes ill. Its the story of family and what they will do for you, how far they will go and what they will give up for you.

(This manuscript is finished and under revision. I hope to have news concerning this deep, almost auto-biographical story before the end of the year.)

Hearts of Ice and Snow: (Genre: Afro-futuristic).

Nkiru Ancestor is sacrificed to the Oya who has tricked the people. Nkiru realises that the Orisha, African deity, wishes to escape the cage that has been her prison for a thousand years. In revenge, the Orisha covers the village with a glacier. Another thousand years, and the glacier melts leaving a pathway into the frozen, desiccated village, and Nkiru and her mother, Brenda, an archaeologist, go to investigate the village. Nkiru is possessed by Nkiru ancestor, who wants her to help keep the Orisha in her prison, but the Orisha will not rest easy, and begins to freeze the archaeologists who ave come to investigate the village. Glen comes to free Nkiru from the possession, along with aKemi, who heard the story of the Village from his story teller when he was a boy. They must rescue Nkiru, put Nkiru ancestor to rest and trap the Orisha, all while trying to save the lives of those they hold dear, and themselves.

The Antlered Crown. (Genre: Afro-Futuristic/Fantasy/historical).

This started out as a Red Riding Hood take on, and although many of the elements are the same, the story changed through research.

Cael is a shifter, the leader of his wolf pack. Is he bound by Violet and her grandmother, as they want the Antlered Crown to help them regain the city they have lost to powers greater than they wield. Cael does everything he can to free himself, until he meets Jannis, a woodsman, who is not a man at all. and she is much more than that. With the help of Jannis, and the bond they share, through their bond of marriage, they are able to defeat Violet and her grandmother, but at the cost of upsetting the Forest elements. a story of adventure, quest and more.

(This story is nearly completed.)

We All Fall Down: (Genre:A crime Romance novel).

The first part was released as part of a pre- Valentines Day anthology. 7 Degrees of Alpha, out now on Amazon. Part 2 is in progress.

Cold As Ice: (Genre:Contemporary IR/MC Romance).

The story of a woman who never really learnt to love. she goes through the motions only and never tells the ones around her that she loves them. Why? even she doesn’t know until she is forced into therapy, and the discovery is made about her childhood and the reason that she’s as cold as ice.


Karma: (Genre:Fantasy/Romance/Contemporary)

When karma has a personality, what would she be like, what if Karma fell in love? A story about “What goes around, comes around” and who’s going to get hurt in the end.

Karma has a female persona and a male one. but they don’t know about each other. Female karma meets a guy and wants to settle down. she’s tired of all the reincarnations and just wants to live one final life. Karma male has a job to do, but meets Karma female and is intrigued by her. How ca he get rid of her boyfriend, who is clearly not good enough for her, and install himself in her life. when will he realise that the job he had to do, is really meet her!

Don’t Talk To Me: Conversations on a Train : (Genre: Comtemporary).

When you are on the train, a long journey, and the last thing you want is some stranger coming and sitting next you. 10 conversations that will change these peoples lives. 10 interactions that will change how people see each other.


Because I Let you Go. (Genre: Romance/Contemporary).

What would you give up for love? Would you give up the one you love, so that he could be free to love who he wants, so that you didn’t hold him back. so that you and your child were not tolerated, rather than loved and cherished? What if you made a mistake by letting go?

The story of love given up, rather than lost, and a man who can’t understand why he was never consulted, why he had to suffer, and why he never got to know his son, until now!

There are a lot of stories in progress here, some are almost finished, some finished, when they are I’ll let you know what I’m doing with them. Some I may release for free. at this time, I have no idea.  Please, check back as I update the list and let you know when you can find previews.

Lost (Genre: Mystery/Fantasy):

Every 40 years a child is taken. the child is from the same family, and always a female child. the child is changed, her identity and life made new through a ritual that has been going on for thousands of years. An intern is the sister of the Junior doctor, who doesn’t understand why this intern looks so familiar. when he finds out what is required of him, will he be able to sacrifice one of the two loves in his life.

The Future Empress of the Universe: (Genre:YA/Teen Adventure).

Written a few years ago, its about a young girl who is kidnapped by mistake. and helps to rescue the real Empress of the Universe. but the real Empress has no wish to be in her position. the two look so similar, but can they change places, when the one is nothing like the other?

There are a few others, which I will add here or, hopefully, on my books page. the titles, are as follows;

Preacher – The Haskins’ Boys

The Necro-Detective (Working Title)

Contact – 

How Deep Is Your Love

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