The Importance Of Muses

Muse for scientist in ‘My Cyborg’.

It’s the new year and I’ve realised something: The importance of having a muse.
You may ask, what does a muse have to do with a fiction writer? and I’ll have to tell you everything. Literary Muses
Many famous artists and literary persons throughout the years have had muses, either good or bad, but the one thing they have in common is the inspiration they give to those who hold them in thrall.
Gustav Klimt’s famous muse, Emilie Floge was central to a lot of Klimt’s paintings and features in many, seen and unseen. As was Dora Maar, the muse of Pablo Picasso, and figure behind The Weeping Woman and Guernica. Some muses have inspired more than one artist, at the same time, such as Dara Diakonova, who was married to the surrealist poet Paul Eluard and having an affair with painter, Max Ernst at the same time. She also later married Salvador Dali, quite an achievement for anyone, to inspire so many renowned artists.
Although, not every muse has been a lover or partner, some have been confidantes, friends and even parents. Famous Artists muses.
And it should be noted that not everyone should be a muse, or that every creative should have such a thing, but for some of us, the chance to bounce ideas off of someone totally unrelated to the work your struggling with, can be an avenue into untapped paths.
Being able to throw ideas at someone and have them returned in a new light was essential to my latest project, My Cyborg (working title), the premise of which had evaded me for a long time. Just by discussing the idea, a whole avenue opened up which enabled me to incorporate a lot of the elements that have become important to me. I won’t say that person was/is my muse, but being able to discuss ideas is essential to creating any new art project.
A cyborg princess, perhaps?

So, get out there, find your muse, if you need one, or avoid them like the plague, if you don’t. But never ignore the importance of a muse!

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