So What's New In The New Year??

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It’s that time of year again, when we look back over the past year and kick ourselves!!!
We’re happy to kick ourselves for all the goals we failed to accomplish. Overjoyed to berate ourselves for our inane failings. And too quick to belittle our minimal successes, no matter how small.
So, as I did last year, and probably will continue to do every year (creature of habit over here!) I am going to set a few goals for myself. But this year, with a difference. My goals will not be pipe dreams, impossible tasks and Missions Impossible that Tom Cruise will not assist me with.
No, this year I am going to continue the goals I’d set for myself last year, because I now know what I really need to do to accomplish and meet those goals. And I know that I can strive for my goals, because I spent the last year preparing my mind and subconscious to succeed. Preparation is everything!!!
Next year, I have a few books that I need to get finished, not because they aren’t written, But because they’ve been sitting here waiting for me to pull my finger out of the damn and let the flood commence!!
So, what can be expected from me for 2018.
My Cyborg : Afro-Futurism 

My Cyborg. A story of the love that exists between a woman and a machine.
Man In Chains. A Boxer, fighting not just for recognition but a love that supports him too.
The Map Room. A YA fantasy series, of which the first part will be available in 2018.
As well as the Sequel to We All Fall Down, which is currently in review before I send it off to my publisher, for her to weep that I don’t know how to write!!! (She doesn’t really, but that’s what I feel like when I get edits back!!)
And…. A whole bushel of other stories that are half written or currently under review. I will also be publishing under my alternate pen name, and with Inspired Minds Editions. These will be all my Sci-fi/fantasy/Afro-cyber punk/ afro-futuristic reads that I can’t wait to share with all of you. I hope you love them as much as I do.
Check out the website of Inspired Minds here.
So, have a pleasant end of year, a safe entry for the new one, and see you on the other side!!!
Peace out…

2 thoughts on “So What's New In The New Year??”

  1. “Wow”, girlfriend as I read your quote it felt as though you were reading my mind! LOL As you refocused on the accomplishments and to continue rather than focusing on what wasn’t achieved within the year, but the steps needed to achieve the goal one day. I feel inspired. Thank you Ms. Allen for sharing. I guess inspiration can come in many forms. You shared how you looked at old photos and wrote stories based on what you thought had taken place. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to the upcoming year with some of your new releases. Ps can’t wait until We All Fall Down is released!!!

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