To Be A Preacher's Son

I haven’t written anything here for a while, as I’ve been working on numerous stories that took me away from this page and all my other little enjoyments. Although, saying that, its not as though I don’t like writing, it has become my main outlet for expression and release.
Last year, I wrote a few stories, and completed a number of them. I didn’t send any to my publisher, or anywhere else, for that matter, until I wrote something that I never intended to have published, but finished it all the same. That story is still sitting there, and may never be read by more than a handful of people, but that doesn’t bother me.
My next release was a story that just came along, and was written so fast, that it blew my socks off. It was a romance, without any romantic interactions, but the love contained in it was evident. There was that element of danger, a slice of regret and a lot of interaction between the characters.
Through a lot of revisions, this story is so much more than I thought it could be, and I hope, better for the changes that have taken place through it. So without further delay, let me give you the synopsis and a short excerpt from the story to whet your appetite!
Synopsis – Preacher: The Haskins Brothers
Paul ‘Preacher’ Haskins, was anything but the mild mannered choir boy his name implied. Always the protector, the nurturer. The big brother looking out for his sibling; his brother from another mother, who fell into his hands. He’s a bad boy with no regrets. Paul didn’t need redemption; he needed ammunition, some cash and as little hassle as possible. Never thinking to mend his ways, until a chance meeting had him questioning his lifestyle choices and affiliations. But when an unscrupulous upstart crawls out of the woodwork, he’s forced to choose between the two people he loves the most, simply because he can’t protect them both. He knows where she is; the world isn’t big enough to hide the one he loved and left behind. He’ll find her, and hope she doesn’t break his face when he does.
Penelope ‘Penny” Calvanera never realised there was more in life that her goals, until she fell over a wolf-in-sheeps-clothing. Hooked on the heady mixture of Paul Haskins, she’s oblivious to his darker side. When she’s abandoned at the worst possible time, she moves on with her life, until what she’d learnt to live without comes crashing back, turning her world upside down, again! But he’s not come alone, he’s brought his business with him and all hell is guaranteed to break loose. He hasn’t committed a crime – yet. But his past won’t be satisfied until it has him where it wants him. They need to get their act together; trouble awaits that will affect them and the one’s they love.

I could almost smell him before he touched me; a smooth blend of cologne and a heat that rose off his skin in waves. He’d come up behind me, burying his nose into the fold between my neck and shoulder, causing me to tip my head so he could nuzzle easier. I’d missed him those two months, but hadn’t found a good enough reason to get back to Edinburgh without raising suspicion. I wasn’t ready to share him with my family. And Vicky, my older sister, would have a field day when she realized my attentions had been diverted.

“God, Penny, you smell like life itself,” Paul said, kissing me harder and opening his mouth to bite down on my neck, teasing my skin with his teeth and sending the completely wrong message to my lower stomach. If I’d had a butterfly or two before, now I had a whole army of them. I needed to get out of the public place I was sitting in, being stared at by half the returning student population.

“If you don’t stop,” I told him, “I’ll have to make sure you never stop.”

“Is that a promise, Penny?”

“It’s a threat.” I eased my head lower, glancing at him from the side of my eye, my lashes lowering in a seductive invitation. My tongue poked out over my lip and I heard him groan before he planted a quick kiss on my mouth and stood upright.

“Have you finished signing up for your classes?” Paul asked, flipping over a sheet of paper and scanning the few lines. He dropped into the seat beside me and threw a foot over his knee, looking casual.

“Oh my God!” My mouth dropped open, “You cut your hair?”

He hadn’t just cut it, a short trim to give more definition and make him look more like a man than a forest hermit; he’d gone the whole hog. A short inch and a half cut at the top, that tapered into the back of his neck and over his ears, turning his once light blond hair, a darker, almost mousy brown. It gave his angular face more definition, along with the close cut to his beard; he’d left a scrumptious stubble that set him off as a force to be reckoned with, especially where my feelings were concerned.

My fingers went into the soft waves of his fine hair, turning my lips downwards, “I really liked your hair. Why?”

“Because you liked it too much,” his lips twitched mischievously. “Your hands found it too easily, Pen.”

“What the hell am I supposed to grab now?” I asked, serious.

“Improvise,” he smiled wider, “you’re a smart girl.”

“I’m not convinced,” I eyed him, “you’ll have to show me.”

“Don’t worry, Pen,” He looked at me hungrily, “I intend to.”

                                                <<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>

“I’m starving,” I leaned over the side of the bed, trying to find the stray bag of chips I’d had to discard earlier. “This isn’t going to sustain me.” I waved the half empty bag at him, the few crumbs shaking loosely.

“You’ll survive, Pen,” Paul told me, kissing a line between my breasts.

“Let’s get pizza,” I grabbed his chin, arresting his downward motion. If this continued I wouldn’t eat for the rest of the day. Re-acquaintances were one thing, but I also needed to eat.

Paul sighed, “A whole summer, Pen, and you want pizza. While all I want is you.”

“You had me,” I laughed, “twice! Let me eat.”

“Okay, food it is.” He crawled back up the bed and reached for his phone, his grey eyes calculating as he placed an order.

Looking at the curl of his lips as he talked, smiling at a funny comment made with the operator, I realized I wouldn’t be able to get enough of this man, not in a million years, perhaps a lifetime wouldn’t be enough. Having spent the summer without him, I wanted – needed more. I ached with the need to have him around all the time. How was it that I loved him to distraction in such a short time?

“What’s got you so quiet?” Paul dropped the phone, turning on me in a rush.

I squealed, trying to protect myself, “Nothing! Just hungry, that’s all.”

“Let me take your mind off it while we wait,” he said, moving back to the area between my breast, spreading himself a snug gap between my thighs and sighing in content.

“How was your summer?”

“Uneventful,” he replied. His eyes slid away as though avoiding my scrutiny. It made me wonder what was really on his mind.

A cold stone settled in my chest, “Why do I get he feeling that’s not all of it?”

“Pen,” he held me with those strange eyes, “would I lie to you?” A smile played around his mouth, distracting me.

I hesitated for a fraction of a second, “I’d hope you wouldn’t.”

“Penny,” he kissed right above my heart. “Baby,” his voice soothed, a ripple of sound over my sensitive skin. Another kiss, “You know we’re tight, right?”

“What does that have to do with how you spent your summer?”

The doorbell sounded, and Paul leapt from the bed, struggling into a pair of jeans as he hopped from the room, shouting for the person to wait, before the bell sounded deep and resonant through the hallway again.

Read the full story when it is release later this month.