Love Is A Loaded Gun…

loaded love
Currently working on a number of projects. But as always, I get sidetracked.
This morning I’m wondering what love is all about, and how disposable it’s treated. Read on and enjoy, I hope. #Disposable

“Don’t worry about it, we live in a disposable society,” she said, rolling up the napkin in her hand.

She glanced at him, “The same way you throw your Nespresso pod in the trash every morning…” she said, walking across the kitchen, heels a hollow click on the ceramic tiled floor, “is the same way you’ve treated my love for you.”

She leaned over the counter, “Disposable!” She dropped the napkin in the bin, lifted her other hand and pointed a small handgun at his chest. The infrared dot hitting him squarely between his shapely pectoral muscles.

“Think about this!”

“Oh, but I have…” She lifted the nozzle higher, the red dot hitting square between his eyes.

“Caryn, don’t do anything stupid.”

“You mean like you did?”

“I didn’t mean for that to happen-“

“But that’s just it, no one ever does. It’s a symptom of our society – Disposable.”

Her finger squeezed the metal, warming it under the touch of her skin, “Like you said, ‘Sorry, but I don’t need you anymore’.”

To Be Continued….

Look out for Love Is Disposable.


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