I read a  post this morning and it got me thinking about a theme. She said, assign a theme song to your character, it gives focus. I was wondering what it meant to give a theme to the story, or even to a character in order to get to know them properly. I wondered what my own theme song would be, a song that someone could look at me and say, yes, that sums that person up completely.
My current WIP, Preacher, I did just that, but I did it before I started writing the story. and I have a few theme songs for my main character, Dusty Springfield’s, Son of a Preacher Man, and One Republics, Preacher. And no, the story came about as a opposite to something else I saw that was totally unrelated to a Preacher, or anything to do with religion. But Dusty’s song is closest to my character.
Both of the songs sum up an aspect of his character, but over recent days, and as the story develops, his character is changing slightly. I know that it’s the way that the story is developing and some things can’t be help, and shouldn’t be, especially for a writer, character’s develop, just as we do through our lives, and as we should. The old adage, “The tree, who in the wind does not bend, will break!
So, this character is bending, in order not to break, and the characters around him are also changing. The part of the story I’m coming to is mixed; there’s sadness and disappointment, loss, gain and change, as we all experience in life, and there’s have nothing that we can do through our lives but ride the storm and hope to find gentle water’s when the storm finally passes.
The current theme song for my character is Zayn Malik’s Rear View from his Mind of Mind album. The whole album, which I have on Spotify, is a mix and makes me wonder about the person that is Zayn Malik, not as an artist or even as a person, I don’t know him, and I think its wrong of people to assume about someone’s character, (unless it’s the character I’ve made up in my mind, even the less reputable ones, I don’t make moral judgements for them, it’s not my place, believe it or not). Some of the songs on Zayn’s album are extremely deep and meaningful, the hidden, subliminal messages, the emotional attachment in the album is weirdly touching. I look forward to seeing what he releases next, and don’t let his swearing detract from the meaningfulness of his lyrics.

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