The Ties That Bind

I’ve just managed to finish writing something that has taken me quite some time. Life, loss and grief got in the way of my writing this year, but I find that I have been able to bounce back and write the things that have inspired me for so long. Stories that I started before I lost my mother, have been sitting waiting for me to get back to them, and I promised my characters, that I will.
Thankfully, they have been patient with me. 😉
So, one story that I finished, explored a number of issues, but my main point in this story is trust. How we give trust to another person and what that person does with the trust you have given. Some people don’t know how to deal with responsibilities like that, and its sad. others take it and cherish it, breathing new life into the person that has entrusted their feelings to another. Don’t look at the bindings that are on the outside, sometimes the things that tie us the tightest, are those that we cannot see. The scars we bear, are the ones that we have hidden, not the ones that shine for others to examine.
I have no idea if and when, this story will be published, but I would like to give you an excerpt from the beginning which was one of the questions that I asked myself when I was writing. I hope you enjoy it.
Except- How Deep Is Your Love.
To understand ugliness in the world, there must be beauty. There had to be lies to understand and consider truths. Dark was just the opposite of light, and life without death could never exist. For a person to know dishonesty, they must have once been in the presence of honesty. For there to be mistrust, there must once have been absolute trust. And for there to exist hate, there must once have been undying love.
In a world where opposites exist, how do we understand and separate the one from the other, to define and know that we follow right, when wrong may also seem, right to us. When all hope is lost, does hope still exists.
That the body and the soul exist in a twinned symbiosis is without doubt. That each soul seeks out the other half of itself, in order for it to be whole, for it to be complete, is a necessary part of the human endeavour. No one of us believes that we were meant to travel this life alone, even though our mate may only travel with us for a short time. We understand that to have loved for a time that can be measured; to be complete for a while, is greater and more fulfilling than to have never known the completeness of what true love is.
Our goal is to find that love where you may, but not to search for a love encased in perfection, but to seek out the imperfections in life as well as love, as through this, the parts that are lacking, or have been misplaced, can be filled by true love as it grows.
That should be the nature of Us.
We are often the most destructive to ourselves

It’s not the ties we see that are important

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