A Determination to Succeed

https://www.joeyl.com – A single picture speaks a thousand words


I was looking through some pictures, and I came across this one. Its from a Photographer that I have mentioned before, Joey L. a photographer from New York. The photo shows a man, sitting on a branch in the Amazon Forest. what captured me was the story that the man had to tell. He had an illness and they weren’t able to cure him. So he decided that he would try to cure himself and took up the career of Shaman. He, is sitting there, wondering if his skills will be enough to help him to preserve his life. He has tried everything to cure his illness, even going so far as to become the healer, both spiritually and physically.
Determination. Strength. The desire to succeed. whichever one we use, we all want to be successful in our lives. regardless of the path we take, the road, how broken and difficult, or how it leaves us wondering if we should just give up, when the very idea of giving up, is anti-thesis to our beliefs.
My message today, is don’t give up. don’t stop trying, struggling and surviving. yes, its hard, all the time, but the small successes are what make the struggle worthwhile.a

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