The Desire to Inspire

Untitled – Oil on unframed canvas

I use different many ways to inspire myself, not just with words, but visually. My focus is often swayed by pictures, art and places. I can see a picture and the story will build itself in my mind.
So, these last few weeks, I have been painting, furiously almost. I haven’t been able to paint for about a year, as I had given up my space to someone else, and there was nowhere for me to pull out my paints and canvases. But, thankfully, my space has been freed, and I can finally get down to doing something that I love, almost as much, maybe more than, writing.
These are a few of the paintings that I have don’t these last weeks. The thing about painting, and with writing also, is that it starts out as one thing, and before you are completely happy with it, it has gone through so many changes, adjustments, revisions and the threat of almost being scrapped, that the layers beneath would have to be pealed back like an onion to see the process.
I know artists who plot and plan out their work, but I’m not like that. I like to ‘feel’ what I’m painting. I put my energy into it. I’m not a great painter, not by any excuse of the word, but I love what I love and I can appreciate art for what it is. I just want to share them with you. Enjoy!
Untitled – Oil on unframed canvas

Untitled – Acrylic on unframed canvas (this painting changed many times the year since I started it, even this (most definitely) finished piece changed over 3 times. I have proof!)

Untitled – Oil on unframed canvas. This looks blurry, but trust me, its not, its the way I painted it!

Untitled – Oil on unframed canvas. This has just been released from the board, which it sat on for over a year. This painting is all about texture, the paint is thick, rugged and tangible. it not to be looked at and wonder what its supposed to be, it’s to be looked at and wonder what its not!


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