Finding The Perfect Place.

I love nature, natural things and the great outdoors. I dislike to be cooped up in small dark rooms, and I’m always throwing windows open whenever the sun rises. I have to be out,to see out, to experience the natural light even when its overcast and dark with storms clouds, and thunder and lightening sparking across the sky.
With this in mind, I think about getting out of the city, to be near big, wide open spaces. This also reflects on where I would like to live, or at least experience, there are just too many places in this world I have never seen.
The result is that my mind takes me places, where my heart inevitably follows!
I want to live near the ocean, with the waves beating at my back, the hum and roar. The scent, the smell of salted water, that has a tang all of its own. The draw of the desire for peace, that keeps me going back, day after day. The quiet hiss as waves hit the sand on the beach., just before they disappear. the sharp hurt of pain as you step on rocks buried under a thin layer of sand. the rock pools, with their tell-tale bubbles of buried creatures, you know are waiting for the tide to come back and rescue them.Taking walks along the beach in the early morning before anyone else has made a mark, and late in the evening when there is no one to see, or witness your musings and meandering feet taking you where they may.
I want to live near forests, in spring, and summer and autumn, but most of all in winter when all is quiet, and the hushed tender tap as flakes of snow hit the forest floor, to mingle with those like them. I want to make paths, where no one else has walked, and will probably never walk, but my paths will be buried under further layers of snow until they melt into the earth come spring. To watch the agile tracks of forest creatures as they take their chances on life during the day. To watch the forest as it changes, from a cover of snow to a cover of blue, or yellow or purple. the hear the birds when they return to nest amongst the trees. the listen to the chirps and buzzes, the cricks and songs of the forest in the summer. And again, to watch the forest as it changes, becomes quieter, as the season winds down, and animals take to their beds in preparation for the along cold months to return.
Is it a lust to wander, or the need to be in quiet contemplation of all natural things, to leave the smoke and smog and harm and disease. to be free!

4 thoughts on “Finding The Perfect Place.”

    1. It’s amazing how simple things make all the difference sometimes. We need a that simple in our life to be able to deal with the difficulties that life throws at us.

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