The Cracks that Make

Paige Bradley – sculptor      “Expansion”

I remembered this sculpture from somewhere, and I looked for it today. I’m not really sure why, but I’d been thinking of it for a few days. I thought it was a painting, but turns out I was wrong.
It was made by Paige Bradley, and is situated in New York. It is aptly called Expansion.
For me, this sculpture says a lot about what a woman can take. How she is seen to be meek and mild and the pressure she is under to reform, give, take, and never ask for anything in return. She is broken, but needs to hold herself together to continue from one day to the next. Here she sits, meekly waiting. What for, is anyone’s guess, but she waits, as we all do, for that one moment of understanding, forgiveness, acceptance, longing, admiration, Love! 

Paige says on her blog, “I often focus on empowerment of the female in my sculptures. … I capture the struggle of the journey and simultaneously show the tenacity and strength when the binds finally break.”
So, as I look at things that break, I also think about my WIP and how these images reflect through my work. So with that said, I would like to introduce you to one of my character’s that I’m still forming.

“I just want to take my skin off, to hide all the scars that litter my body. I’m covered with them, there are so many scars it’s difficult to see my own skin. Why do people insist on breaking another person down, tearing them apart, and scattering the pieces to the four winds. All I ever wanted was to be loved, to be needed and to be cherished, but that was never the case. So now, I will remove my skin, in order for me to have no more scars, to be as hard as the bones that my skin keeps together, to be stronger and smarter, and never let anyone close. Ever again.” – Gail. ‪#‎WIP‬ ‪#‎amwriting‬

Artist Unknown

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