Striving While Surviving.

We strive our hardest to be the best we can be, in order to perform the best dance we are able to perform. All the hard work and toil, the struggle and pain, the striving, all goes forward to make one performance. One single performance that we hope you will admire, take away and recount, tell someone else about, so that they may also see the dance and share your experience. And when that dance is over, we go back, strive, fight, struggle again through the pain, the hardships, the uncertainties and doubts, to go back on that stage, and do it all again.
This is the life of an entertainer, in any form. The sharing of what you dream with someone else, becomes the goal we strive so hard to accomplish. The life of a writer is fraught with those hardships, those doubts that maybe what we write isn’t good enough, that we will never be accepted, never have even one person say about our work, “Yes, that author wrote something interesting, entertaining, or just, it was good!” Perhaps, np one will ever read that amazing description of light that you wrote, how how described the taste and smell of snow, how you expressed the feeling of love and friendship. How funny that joke was, and how well it said it all in just that one line!
Just like a dancer, we push ourselves over the edge to give the best, to strive to make that one single entity that we create, be the best it can possibly be, so that we can go back and do it all again. just for you, the reader.
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