Who Am I?

Who am I? I’m Pearl, I’m Sophie, I’m Amina, I’m Val, I’m so many others that you haven’t heard the voices of. I’m all the things I give my characters, all the parts of my personality that I suppress that I hide away, that I don’t let out of the dark. I give voices to the characters I write about, living their lives, although they certainly have a life of their own and aren’t afraid to remind me of that. How they handle a situation, may not be how I would. How they voice their anger, may not be for me – how they love, may not be how I express mine, but it’s there. 

I’m deep, we all are. We live our lives through others, through our reading and through our writing, art and any other way we choose to express ourselves.
My male characters also have voices, they are also parts of me. Like Dean or Cameron. Like Hisham and Peter, or HyunJun, Jinsuk, Stephen, James and Nick. And Nick, How I love him, how he makes me cry, how frustratingly pitiful he is, how deep and soulful he is, how he can make a good decision and it turn out so bad. And Terry who lost so much.
Some of these guys you don’t know, and so many more I haven’t even named, but they have lives and experiences that they are just waiting to share with you. I want to introduce them all to you.
Watch with me!

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