Hands. The Soul’s Voice.

Hands. The Soul’s Voice.
Artist: David Agenjo


Art is a really important part of my life. painting, calligraphy, sculpture, all hold a really important meaning, as a means of expression, as an outlet for repressed feelings, and more importantly, cos it looks good!

I found this, and I love it. The hands, for me, are the most expressive part of the human being, are so appealing. they can reach out, give love, cause harm, heal, destroy. they touch, feed, deny food, are gentle, are forceful, can feed a family for years without tiring, and are able to express a simple nuance, when a face or voice will hide its true feelings. A finger can twitch when the person tries to hold themselves back if someone hurts their child, a fist can clench to prevent anger. The hands write, express what the mouth is sometimes too shy to say. The feel of a hand as it slips behind your neck to bring you closer, or placed on your chest to push you away. Hands!



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