A life filled with Passion

Mariners securing a sail during a storm: A dangerous way to make a living!
It always make me wonder why someone would take up a profession where they know, really deep in their hearts, that this path they are travelling on will bring them nothing but pain, heartache and misery. Every day they will strive hard, work like nothing they can ever imagine, going further backwards more often than not, and probably dying at a young age, because of their passion.
But they do it all the same. For those few times when everything goes well, when they step out of their door, take a huge breath and have a smile on their face, because they are right where they want to be. They can see themselves doing nothing else, living no other life, being nothing else would ever satisfy them, unless they had never known the passion that consumes them.
No matter what path we take, we should take it knowing that no matter what, there is nothing else that we would rather be doing, nothing that would ever hit that spot of deep passion and fulfilment other than the misery that we embrace each day. For the chance to live this one life, to the fullest, to take only what you work hard for, never settling for anything less, never allowing the ‘less’ to even be a factor for consideration. That is the life we should live.
As high as the sky, leaving all the negative behind: As deep as the sea, let people see only what’s on the surface, never discovering what’s below unless they really search for it, discovering a small part of you every day.

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