What does Afro-Futurism mean for a writer who also happens to identify with being classed as Diverse. Diversity, seems to be a new by-word, or title, for anything that should come under the umbrella term for People of Colour (POC), or anyone whose voice is less than loud enough. But what does that actually mean? can we not all identify with being diverse? is the world not all equally unbalanced regardless of where you go. I’m no politician, neither do I identify with political aims and endeavours, please leave me out of that, but I think from a stand point of, depending where you are at a given time, everyone will identify with being in the minority.
Anyway, I digress.

I’m working on something new. I didn’t even realise that there was a term to describe what I’m writing about, but there is. Afrofuturism. It means a form of literature, art or something similar, film for example, where the main character/characters are of African descent. The action takes place in the past or future and incorporates elements of history and future technology or magic/sci fi or fantasy.

Afrofuturism is a literary and cultural aesthetic that combines elements of science fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, Afrocentricity, and magic realism with…
My current WIP, happens to be along these lines. This story is very difficult for me to write for a number of reasons. firstly, the need to make the story how I want it to be. secondly, to do the story justice. we can all put words to paper, write them down, but will we do the character justice? Let reintroduce you to my principle, or almost, Characters. for me all the characters are just as important, but these three are the ones that go through the most difficult of times.
My current WIP is about a little girl, 2 little girls, actually. I feel I know them and want them to win, and even though in the outline, they succeed, I fear for their safety against the antagonist. How can 2 little girls defeat the demigod Oya? She is intent on destroying the world, and everything in it? But they have help. Her Mother, their Spirit Walker, the Psychic and a few others who are determined to fight for the girls, plus the girls themselves. So I would like to introduce you to Nkiru-Ancestor, and Nkiru of the future. and Oya, the antagonista extraordinaire
ee0fe3738eb92582441af58838c74f33 N’kiru Ancestor
b1d6d0b8be083d161037463b6160aed1 N’Kiru – The One Foretold
a4d9458207ed2a4859525eb1151c1552 Oya -The Chained One
(Please note: I use images to give myself a vision of who the characters are, you may recognise them from other walks of life, but for me, they embody the character in my head. Other authors, may or may not work like this, but we are all different, and this is how I create my back story)

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