100 Stories !!! Story 2 – Onyxx

Story 2
DATE: Monday Morning
LOCATION: Hell’s Kitchen Café (outside)
SITUATION: Grabbing morning coffee before the big shareholder’s meeting
“Damn, did you see the ass on that one there?!” Russell exclaimed as a ravishing redhead strolled by the group of men.
Russell really didn’t care if anyone other than his buddies Marcus, David and John had heard his crude remark.
David instantly took notice and chimed in with a retort of his own, “Sheesh, if my wife looked like that I would never get any work done. You can bet the farm on that one.”
“Hell, if your wife looked like that we’d play poker at your house more often.” Marcus quipped.
The men finished their idle chatter as the unknown redhead made her way down the street paying no attention to the men who so openly ogled her. The group was comprised of some of the biggest names in advertising and they were on a mission. They needed to get into that shareholder’s meeting and attempt a coup of sorts. They had no idea what they were in store for.
Today was a big day in Hell’s Kitchen; one of their own had made it to the big time in advertising and everyone who was someone wanted to come out and show some support as the company prepared to go public. As people assembled in the conference room the excitement was evident. People idly chatting in side conversations, reporters setting up outside to catch glimpses of all the Wall Street bigwigs who were bound to show up.
Russell and his group were seated closely together; their game plan rehearsed more times than any of them cared to remember. Their plan all hinged on some dirty laundry they had dug up on the company’s CEO Sam O’Sullivan and they planned to use that information as leverage to force the old man out. People continued to file in and the chatter continued. Just as everyone was settling in for what would probably be an all day event, in strolled the same redhead the men had noticed walking past the café earlier.
Marcus nudged Russell to get his attention, “Hey, there’s your dream girl again. Maybe she’s following you. Ha ha ha.”
“She can follow me anywhere but you already know there is only one place you take a woman like that and that’s straight to bed.” Russell replied jokingly
David quickly added, “She’s probably the secretary. You know with all this women’s lib crap going on it’s like they’re forcing their way into all of the places we men could go for an escape.”
At that exact moment another woman walked into the conference room and proceeded to hand out informational booklets to each of the attendees. The young lady made no eye contact with any of the men sitting in the room but she did wink at the redhead who had made it a point to sit as far in the back of the room as possible. She was almost hidden from view from the individuals who had arrived early enough to grab a seat at the table.
As the young lady was leaving, she cleared her throat to get everyone’s attention and began to speak, “Good morning. We here at HK Enterprises would like to welcome you to our first shareholder’s meeting. Our owner and amazing boss Sam will be with you all momentarily. We hope you enjoy the refreshments and while you are waiting for Sam, I urge you to look over the prospectus that I have placed in front of each of you. It will provide some valuable information regarding the company, our history and where we plan to take the advertising industry in the future. Thank you all again for coming. Have a wonderful meeting and day.”
“The old man must be one of those progressive liberals. I see he lets his female workers call him by his first name and speak as if they own part of the damn company.” Marcus spewed the words like they were poison.
John was quick to offer, “Well you know, times change and maybe having the ladies around keeps the old man on his toes. We already know he has a penchant for women and wine.”
To further punctuate that statement John gently patted the folder of information he had brought with him. He and his cohorts shared a hearty chuckle to a joke that only they knew the outcome of.
After another five minutes of silence the natives began to get restless. It was at that precise moment that the redhead got up from her perch in the back of the room and made her way to the front. She stood silently, stoically until the men began to notice her presence and quieted down. Once she had everyone’s attention she fixed her hair and smoothed her dress. She showed no signs of nervousness whatsoever. Then she spoke…
“Good morning gentlemen, I am pleased to see so many familiar (and a few unfamiliar) faces this morning. We here at HK Enterprises had a vision and that vision mixed with hard work, dedication and many sleepless nights have brought us to this point. We were a small, home-grown company that had a vision and look at us now. In an hour we will all hear that glorious bell ring on the stock exchange as we go public!! I am elated to have you all along for the ride.”
When she spoke her final words the group of men leapt to their feet, clapping and cheering. Russell and his friends were still seated, as they had no clue as to what was going on. Where was Sam O’Sullivan? This was not going the way he had planned at all.
As the room cleared out, Russell and his cronies made their way over to the redhead. Russell was the first to speak, “Hey toots, so your boss couldn’t even take the time to come down to attend his own shareholder’s meeting? He had to send his ‘Girl Friday’ to do his work for him?”
The redhead didn’t look the least bit shaken and/or intimidated (which was the effect Russell was going for). She eyed the group of men and recognized them immediately as the group of men who were cat-calling as she walked by. When she spoke, it was clear, concise and direct, “Oh, you were expecting to meet my father this morning? I don’t know why you would expect to see him at a shareholder’s meeting for HK Enterprises. My father retired years ago as a city bus driver and mechanic. I guess you assumed he owned the company. Silly boys, you should do more thorough research. Allow me to introduce myself…I AM Sam O’Sullivan. Short for Samantha and HK Enterprises is a company that I started all by myself. Amazing what a girl can do these days.”
The group of men stood dumbfounded with their mouths hanging open and as Ms. O’Sullivan turned to walk out of the room she looked over her shoulder at the speechless men and offered them a bit of advice, “In the future I prefer to be addressed as Ms. O’Sullivan or just ‘Boss’ will suffice…but NEVER refer to me as ‘Toots’ ever again. Do I make myself clear? Good day boys.”


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