100 Stories!!! Story 1

Story 1
DATE: Friday Morning: 
LOCATION: Central London Divorce Court. 
CASE: Stevens versus Stevens. 
SITUATION: Final hearing. 
VERDICT: Decree Absolute with Alimony and full custody of children,Derek, age 7, and Sandy, Age 4, to remain with their mother at the Address provided to the court. 
JUDGE: The Honorable Judge Richard B. Spencer, presided.
“Alice, please. I don’t want us to end this way,” Jeffery said. A look of horror on his face as he realized that the judge had granted his long-suffering wife, freedom.
Alice looked at him, “Perhaps you should have thought of that before dragging me in here.” She folded her gloves across her palm.
“I was trying to get back at you,” Jeffery pulled at his glasses, swiping them from his face in annoyance, and cleaning them with his handkerchief.
Alice ignored him, turning to look at the exit, the sitter wouldn’t wait too long and she had to get back.
“Alice, please, I- I was wrong,” Jeffery admitted.
“So, it seems, was I,” Alice took two steps back, removing her hand from Jeffery’s sweating ones.
“So, that’s it? You’re just going to go home and live your life?”
“What other option have you left me?”
“Don’t do this, Ali,” he pleaded.
“For God’s sake, Jeffery,” she snapped at him, “This is all your doing!”
“Always never thinking through what you plan,” she looked at him, a sad smile on her face, “Always in a rush to prove you don’t need anyone.”
“But, Alice, I was wrong. I… I,”
“You what, Jeffery?” Alice turned on him, pinning him with a stare that she’d withheld far too long. All the memories of pain and hurt and innumerable letdowns. Now, she only had two children to raise, and could do away with the reckless nature of Jeffery Stevens. Ten years of marriage? Ten years of disappointments.
“Alice, why are you doing this? I love you!”
“No, Jeffery!” She backed into the wall, “You don’t love me. I don’t think you have a capacity to love. You need a maid, a cook and a baby sitter, but love never came into it.”
Jeffery dropped to one knee, “I’m fucking begging you, Ali, Please don’t leave me like this!”
“You did this to yourself,” Alice looked to her brother, seeking assistance.
“Rory, Please,” Jeffery pleaded with his young brother-in-law, “Please tell her it’s a mistake. Tell her, goddamn it!”
“Come on now, Jeffery, let’s not make a scene,” Rory pulled at his arm, “Let’s talk about it this weekend.”
“No!” Alice said, adamant, “There’s nothing to talk about. It’s final. He did it, not me. I won’t take back a man who thinks I’m a burden.”
She shook Jeffery off her, and moved away, “Come on, Rory, I need to get home. I have responsibilities waiting.”


  • Brenda J.

    “Wow” that was a nice story based on your interpretation of observing a picture. It’s like you are breathing new life into the photo!!!

    • sabauthor

      Thank you Brenda, It’s one of the ways I like to get inspiration for a story. I’m always wondering what the story is behind a picture, even one as simple as people sitting on a blanket on the beach!

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