100 Stories!!!

100 Stories!!!

These pages I created just to give readers a change of pace. To allow you, the reader, to see something a little different. On these pages over the coming months, I hope to add at least, 100 short stories. These could be anything from Poems, very short snippets, to the classic short story of up to 1k words or less.

The aim for this, was to use photographs to give inspiration and also to expand on the range we close ourselves into. I hope to have more than just my own writings on this page, and each contribution will be duly shouted from the roof-tops.

The stories will be on a page of their own, and can be read and enjoyed just like any other part of the site. Each will come with a corresponding picture, which the story will, in some way, speak about.

Story 1: Sara Allen

Story 2: Onyxx

Story 3: Onyxx

Story 4: Sara Allen



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