I often wonder as a freelancer and a proud member of the self-motivated, who I should be accountable to?
I mean, in all honesty, I have no one to be accountable to, except myself of course. But is that enough? Shouldn’t I want to have someone to be accountable to?
When we work for someone else, we’re constantly striving to shove our responsibility aside and hide from the dreaded boss, supervisor or nosey tell-tale that sits opposite.  We want nothing more than to take a walk and find a hole to hide in, just so we can avoid being accountable.
As an author, the people I feel I should be accountable to is the readers, the publisher, maybe even the editor, but most definitely, to myself. If a tweet message or promo post isn’t placed, who do I turn to to blame? If I haven’t written those words on the page, and revised, reviewed and polished, who am I going to point the sticky finger of blame at? I know it! And its the answer to that question, which makes me wonder why (sometimes) I took this journey on.
It’s a very steep path most days, and a slippery slide on others. But when it comes together, the results and elation are without equal.
So, as I’m being accountable to myself, I have to do a few things. The first is give the readers what they have been asking for, for a long, long time now. The finale to We All Fall Down. This is a piece of work that has been in hand for over a year, it’s been finished for more than six months, and I’m still in the revision stage, albeit, further along than I was a couple of months ago.
Besides all the excuses and what not, what I am going to do, is put a page up, and post snippets from finished chapters in there. This is not to tease and whet the appetite… well, it is to do that, but it’s also to show accountability. It’s a way to say, “I owe you, and thank you for waiting so long.”
The next rung on the accountability ladder, is finding a cover for this release. I hope I don’t have as much trouble with it, as I’m having with another release… I can only hope.
So follow the link, and get reacquainted with Val and Pete. Hopefully we can get to the end of WADF before the end of the year.
Take me to We All Fall Down Finale: Here

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