Challenging The Self.

An important aspect of being better than we were yesterday, is the willingness to challenge oneself.
There is a difference to having the ability to do this, and the willingness to do this. We often think that making a name for ourself, changing our career path, having a dream and following that dream to the end, is only achievable when we have the means, when all other aspects of our lives are running as smoothly as possible.
But, sometimes, we have to jump. That leap that swings us out into the unknown, nothing but free air under us, nothing to hold us up, or to fall back on, is a scary, almost terrifying thought, let alone, situation. But, when we can do this, we find so much fulfilment and joy, that we often wonder why we didn’t do this before!
Comfort Zones, are to be pushed, avoided and distanced from at all costs. I know its not for everyone, but dreams are only just dreams, if they are never explored.
I enjoy pushing myself and changing the boundaries of what is expected of me, and what I expect of myself.
Today, I added another story to the 100 story challenge, a lovely short story by Onyxx, an author who is signed to the same indie publisher as I am. Go on over, read the stories and enjoy!

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