New Ideas and a News Update.

I’m always looking for inspiration, and recently I found that just a few things, are able to give me the inspiration I need to fly into a new project.
I’ve been writing with so many stops and starts this summer, due to personal losses, and time away from my home base. But, despite all that, these last few weeks have been very productive for me, especially in terms of word count.
One new project Im working on is something that I started researching in the early summer, and it came about in a round about kind of way, not really through a definite, “I’m going to write that!” and that was how it happened, it was my interest in a lifestyle that is usually misunderstood, and certainly looked at with raised eyebrows as well as mistrust of the practitioners.
Another project that I started, just these last few days, was a strange one. I received an email, as I do, for books. and the title of the book was ‘Sinners’, and the spin off from that was who cares for them. Preachers, of course. then the lyrics of a song hit me, Dusty Springfield, Son of a Preacher Man, soI had to go and search that out. then, of course, the Aretha Franklin version, and not too far behind, Preacher, by One republic, which is a song I absolutely adore.
both of these projects are quite different from what I usually write about, or what I’ve been writing about since early this year, but, its refreshing to change the tempo, once in a while.
So, saying that, if you follow my page, you’ll notice that I’ve updated my books page, and I am finally able to show off the upcoming release that I’ve waited so long for, Princess Aminah. It’s due out on the 31st January 2017, and I look forward to it, as with any release, both joy and trepidation. More news on the release to follow. and Here’s the gorgeous cover below. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “New Ideas and a News Update.”

  1. When is “We All Fall Down” book being released from the 7 Degree of Alphas? I’ve been waiting to finish the story. I thought it would have been completed by now.

    1. Hey Sarah,
      Thank you so much for your message, and also my apologies for the delay in finishing the final part of the story. As you can appreciate, it takes time to write a good story, at least a story that will capture the imagination as Part 1 has done.
      I have had a lot of losses and changes this year, and that threw me off a lot. The good news is, that I have started writing part 2, before I finish it, I hope to have completed 2 other stories, which I hope you will find just as rewarding as We All Fall Down, and part 2 I hope will be finished in time for Valentines, subject to editing and a publication spot.
      I know it can be annoying waiting for the finale of a story that you want to read, and believe me, I dislike it just as much. But, I always say, good things come if we wait for them. I can only hope you will have the will to wait for the story you deserve.
      Thank you for the inspiration to write part 2.

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